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Birthday Treats Policy

Oak Grove Staff, in support of the Capistrano Unified School District’s Wellness Policy (BP 5030), has made a nutrition resolution.  We feel it is important that we have a unified K-5 policy that all Oak Grove personnel, as well as our parents and community members, support in promoting good health.
Since our goal is to provide the best educational experience and environment for learning to all children in the classroom, Oak Grove is asking for your support to change the tradition of allowing junk food as a snack, reward, celebration or treat.  Parents can assist by no longer providing or offering junk food as a treat in recognition/celebration of their child's birthday in the classroom.
Please know that parents are not obligated to send anything for birthday but we are requesting that NO JUNK FOOD is sent for birthday celebrations.  Some creative ideas for parents to use in place of the typical donuts, cookies, cupcakes, or candy to recognize their child's special day are listed below:
Erasers, pencils, stencils, rulers, donation of a Celebration Book selected by the student or a special book for the class library, board games, balls, jump ropes, etc.