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Class Assignments

We are fortunate at Oak Grove to have an incredibly talented and dedicated staff.  Each child’s class placement is carefully considered by the staff and principal; parent input is also considered. Students are heterogeneously grouped at all grade levels with consideration given to interests, learning styles, and academic needs. Classes are balanced to be equitable in size and boy:girl ratios. 
If a parent feels strongly against their child’s class placement, a written request may be submitted to the principal stating the specific reason for the request.  A meeting will be held with all school personnel having interaction with that particular student, and a determination will be made by the school staff. No class changes based on parent requests will take place during the first two-three weeks of school.
Please keep in mind that due to state-mandated education laws, it is always possible that reconfiguration of classes may occur during the first trimester of the school year. This means that any child may be reassigned to another class at their grade level or moved into a combination class. 
Parent requests for specific teachers are not accepted.